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Happiness Project is now online

With the current situation in mind Happiness Project has now gone online, and surveys can be taken directly from this website. If you are a school that would like your students to take these surveys on a larger scale, get in touch!

If you are an individual who would lie to take a quick anonymous survey to analyse your mental health, click the button below.

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In a year fraught with Covid and classes shifting to an online environment, we could see that students are going through an ordeal in itself. The carefully crafted survey by the Happiness Project team, duly covered issues that the children may be going through, administered digitally for all of our junior, middle and senior school students. We are delighted by the large and wide, hassle free administration of the survey, as well as the collated and classified results with deep insights, which helped us gain a fair idea of our key/top-three agenda items that we needed to work through.

We really appreciate Nakshh and Apoorvi to have taken this new and purposeful initiative, with the eyes of expert psychiatrists behind the survey, self-developed e-platforms for ease of administration and a deep analysis, delivered to us in a fine recommendation paper.

We wish them the best to take this forward and spread it across schools and the larger community.

—  Manika Sharma, Director - The Shri Ram Schools



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